An essay on how I have no intention of studying calculus

Lately, I’ve been into an eternal interior battle. Should I study or should I not.

To make you guys understand, I will make a little introduction: I am a student in computer science and I’m about to graduate. I have just Calculus and Physics exams left. So in theory, right now I should be right on top of the calculus book, scribbling integrals and derivatives with a serious face. In reality I’m in front of my laptop, grinning and typing this post with my colleagues doing real work around me. Wonderful!

Why? Because as soon as I see Calculus, I cringe. I totally hate it, so much that I’ve been considering dropping out of Uni just for that. I’ve been thinking about it and I might have found the culprit! Calculus and specifically the plethora of theorems in it are totally useless to me, and I can’t stand the idea of spending so much time memorizing them. This fact though is contradictory, because I’m wasting time here anyway!

There is one substantial difference between studying calculus and writing a blog though, I’m spending time here doing the latterbecause I’m enjoying it, and I don’t consider it as waste of time! Probably after publishing the post I’m going to start Calculus, yeah damn right I will. Eventually I’ll have to do it anyway sooner or later and I hope to find the strength.

My colleague in the meanwhile is farting like there’s no tomorrow, reminding me that the time of studying has come. Farewell.


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