Daniel and the SOAB attitude

I know you’re probably wondering what SOAB stands for. I’ll tell you right away, it stands for Son Of A Bitch. I’m referring to a particular way of interacting with others that will make everybody curse and yell, being at the same time a calm and educated demeanor. In this post I’ll try to describe it as best as possible.

This guy, since I’ve known him has got some very successful life, he plays video games and has a girlfriend, but at the same time he graduated with the best score (before yours truly)! And I can’t type this without an angry face. I mean what the hell is wrong with him? The answer is that he is a SOAB.

His jokes would make a baby cry, tears and all. They are all witty and lawyerish. I’ll try to translate some for you guys:

Me: If you don’t give me my share of money for the job, I will open your bum and put your laptop in it. So you will code new software shaking your hips.
Daniel: Yeah but like that the software will come out like shit.

Nick: Let’s go take some fresh air!
Daniel: Yeah but we can’t take it like that, we need a container… (with gesture of putting air into a jar)


I hope that the idea of a SOAB is a little clearer now. Every thing you say to him has to be carefully thought and precisely crafted in such a way he could not turn it against you or in any case twist its intended meaning. So dealing with him can bedescribed as a quite effective oratory workout for a lawyer. He had also a great capability of defending himself when he made mistakes or he was negligent, to the point that the other person from being angry would end up satisfied. Like WTF?!?

All of this caused him countless curses and punches from me, that he gladly accepted without saying a thing, which in return would make me angrier. This is serious because I’m generally a very pacific person, calm and reflexive.

Though, in the end, that yelling and cursing to him was quite refreshing, and the fact that he moved far from my city made me a little sad. Yeah, I miss punching that son of a bitch and I hope to meet with him again soon.


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