Gabriel and the art of mooching

Here I am again, writing about various people. Today I’m gonna talk about Gabriel, a serial freeloader who things he’s God.

Yes, you read that right, he thinks he’s God and if you tell him something good about him, the most common answer will be “I know”. His behaviour has SOAB tendencies but with a little bit of Mofo attitude, that’s why he’s kinda unique. He likes cursing for futile reasons and people are usually offended by this endeavour. But he doesn’t care.

He knows that he’s beautiful.
He knows that he’s smart.
He knows that he’s great.
He knows everything cause he’s God.

But lately something’s changed, I managed to bring him a little closer to earth, so now he’s more likely to respond “thanks” to compliments. Wow I educated a God!

The most peculiar characteristic though is that he mooches without any regrets whatsoever. I mean that’s something that makes me cringe but at the same time I admire him for that. Light hearted mooching is absolutely legit.

One of the other things is that he likes to have fun and when he does he transforms in a monster. A party monster I mean, the ones that never get tired of dancing. His God mania grows together with the level of alcool in his veins and so his scrounging. I’ve seen him empty entire buffet tables by himself.

Despite all of this, somehow I enjoy being around him because he is a totally fun person and he knows.


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