Nik and his disagreeableness, the never-ending story

“I don’t like this article”: that’s probably what Nik will think when he’ll read this post. Yes, because he wields a peculiar characteristic, his disagreeableness.

It’s such a fun time eating lunch or dinner with him, you will never have a moment without hearing his comments on the food about whether he likes it or not and even why. Most of the time he doesn’t like it. That could be a very ordinary discussion, if only there was somebody asking him about the food. In fact everyone else is peacefully busy eating when all of a sudden his speech arises, and in that moment everyone surrenders. Why? That’s the thing about Nik, he’s a broken record, once his mind has set onto a specific feeling it keeps on revolving around it, and he says the same things several times a day.

There’s more to his disagreeableness, he is usually a very picky guy on everything. If he sees something wrong on the street he doesn’t hesitate yelling it out to the people responsible. That’s a good thing, but sometimes it’s too much to handle if you are there with him and you feel you need to act like you don’t know him. On the other hand this makes him a very skillful businessman, no one can step over him on the business table.

Despite his behavioral quirks, Nik has many good friends and is really good in public relations, you can’t believe it unless you see it. In fact some of his friends became my friends as well. This is probably due to the fact that when he gets drunk he’s a real character. I also tried his cooking several times and he’s good, despite his tendencies to only cook heavy dishes.

I look forward to hearing what he thinks about this article, in the meanwhile I thank him for his friendship.


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  1. Despite on what you think I agree with this article, the only thing that I disagree with is that I cook heavy dishes, if I cook heavy it’s just because you and Gabriele ask to 😛

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