That crazy online shopping spree

Times have changed, so many people now buy all kind of stuff online and I’m one of them. But the problem with online shopping is that it’s too easy and you can find almost anything. This is a huge problem when you need to save money, because before you know it, all of your money is gone! At the end of the day you’ll find yourself circled by gadgets and beautiful things you’ll never use, but they’re so cool right?!

One may call this compulsive buying disorder, and even be right about it, but I call it lack of better things to do. Yes, because if you had something more fun and rewarding to do, I don’t think you’d spend time and money online.

In some cases, online shopping is a stress reliever, giving you that little serotonin that you deserve, but at what cost? You’ll receive the things you bought with a good dose of buyer’s remorse, and don’t worry, that at least is on the house! In the end you’ll end up where you started or even worse.

So what to do when that crazy online shopping spree is getting to you? Just explore, research, watch video reviews about the stuff you want you clicked into your virtual cart, and in the end you’ll end up realizing that what you’re about to buy is not really what you need. Thus doing you’ll salvage yourself from buyer’s remorse, and that is very rewarding as well.

If it’s a special case and you really need something, well that’s not classifiable as shopping spree, so go on buying, while petting that unicorn puppet you bought last week just because it was on sale.


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